about antoinette & friends

An actress/comic, Antoinette pivoted to talk show host at the onset of the pandemic. Her gift in conversation is to go deeper on the heart level… always in search of the ‘more real’. This in turn creates a safe and trusting space for guests to be very authentic, very quickly – as they share the often-hard lessons that come with worldly success.

Past guests include: George Lopez, Sinbad, Gregory Zarian, Queen of Electro – Luciana, French Super Chef Gilles Epie, and the Legendary Filmmaker/ Photographer Norman Seeff. 

Norman Seeff found his experience with Antoinette & Friends so impressive that he joined on as Executive Producer, having now directed 3 episodes – including one with actress and breast cancer survivor, Trish Doolan. Trish has been advocating for young women to get tested for the BRCA1 and 2 genes. (Our audience consists of mostly women, who refer to themselves as the Angel Community – between the ages of 18-34) The ‘Trish Episode’ landed in the hands of cancer organizations including “HER TOO” and “BETTER CANCER OUTCOMES” and was so impactful that Trish is edging quickly towards getting a BRCA2 early detection bill passed in Congress.

Antoinette & Friends has become something of a phenomenon, attracting young viewers worldwide that look to Antoinette as a role model. This in turn led to the formation of the Angel Community – an online, supportive sisterhood, where members are committed to helping one another grow into strong, confident women, who wish to positively impact their world.


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Antoinette & Friends is the latest in a growing trend of over-the-top streaming platforms that offer exclusive content to their users. The company owns and operates its own proprietary platform, which streams exclusively on her website, offering a variety of content, including original programming, live events, and much more. Antoinette & Friends is the latest in a growing series of OTT services that provide exclusive video content to their users without requiring them to join or pay for any other service.