Antoinette Peragine was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to an Italian family that immigrated from Southern Italy. Antoinette has always felt a strong connection to her Italian heritage and was very lucky to spend her summers both in Southern Italy and on the island of Sardinia. These summers as a young child continued long into adulthood, and were steeped in the ancient culture, art and lifestyle.  She was raised by a traditional Roman Catholic Italian family who valued hard work, faith, and family.  

As a child, Antoinette was educated in an all-girls school, taught and ran by nuns, where she learned discipline and the importance of hard work. The nuns also instilled in her a sense of selflessness and compassion for others. Growing up, Antoinette was always very competitive when it came to sports, excelling in gymnastics. With a deep desire to extract as much as she could from life, Antoinette spent her formative years working on herself, trying to better herself in any way possible – a deep commitment to self-discovery that continues to this day.

Gymnastics gave way to the performing arts, with the aspiration of becoming an actress. She started performing in high school plays and musicals, and eventually co-founded Second Story Ensemble, a successful theater company in New York. She was later cast as Tina” in the nationally-acclaimed production, Tony and Tina’s Wedding. Her acting career blossomed, and she moved to LA to pursue greater opportunities. She worked alongside Jeff Bridges, Isabella Rossellini, John Turturro and Tom Hultz in the film Fearless (1993). She was cast in Junior (1994) with Emma Thompson, Arnold Schwartzenegger and Danny DeVito; Antoinette also appeared in the Geena Davis film, Angie.

Antoinette Peragine tried her hand at stand-up comedy and very quickly rose to the spotlight when the legendary Mitsy Shore, owner of the world-famous Comedy Store, discovered her one night and made her a paid regular on the spot. Her picture still hangs on the Wall Of Fame at the Comedy Store.

In television, she guest-starred on shows such as ER, NYPD Blue, Strong Medicine, Six Feet Under, and Cybil, to name a few. Antoinette has performed at top comedy clubs including Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and many other venues in New York, Atlantic City and Palm Springs.

Antoinette had her own radio show on the Universal Broadcasting Network and has appeared on both the BRAVO & SYFY Networks playing herself. Her career in the public eye has led to many titles and has offered her a fresh and informed perspective on a broad range of topics.

However, during the pandemic, when the ability to be on tour was suspended, and fear and despair were rampant, Antoinette quickly pivoted to create an online talk show, Antoinette & Friends. 

Antoinette is a woman with a gift for heart-led conversation. She has the ability to get to the emotional center of a story with great ease and light-heartedness, and it is in this manner that she disarms her guests. She is deeply and genuinely interested in hearing about people’s lives and what makes them who they are.

Norman Seeff was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since moving to the United States in 1969, his renowned work as a photographer and filmmaker has been focused on the exploration of human creativity and the inner dynamics of the creative process.

Seeff graduated with honors in science and art at King Edward VII School in Johannesburg. At the age of 17, he was drafted as the youngest player in the South African national soccer league.

Seeff qualified as a medical doctor in 1965. For three years he worked in emergency medicine at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto focusing on the management of traumatic shock. In 1969, he immigrated to the United States to pursue his creative passions and artistic abilities.

Soon after arriving in New York, Seeff’s photographs of the people he encountered on the streets of Manhattan were discovered by the famed graphic designer, Bob Cato. Cato introduced Seeff to the world of album cover design and his first major photographic assignment for The Band brought him immediate recognition. His early work also includes images of Robbie Robertson, Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol as well as other New York personalities.

In 1971, Seeff spent a year as Professor of Photography at Bennington College in Vermont.

In 1972, on the recommendation of Cato, Seeff relocated to Los Angeles to become creative director of United Artists Records where his work in design and photography received multiple Grammy Award nominations.

Three years later, he opened an independent studio on Sunset Boulevard. His photographic sessions soon became legendary and attracted audiences of 30-40 at each session, swelling to over 200 on some occasions. A combination of actor’s workshop and a celebration of creative spontaneity, Seeff’s sessions were emotionally engaging experiences that resulted in many iconic images with leading artists and innovators of the time.

Seeff’s creative interaction with artists inspired him to film his sessions beginning with an Ike & Tina Turner session in 1975. Using the photo session as a vehicle for exploring the inner dynamics of the creative process with artists at work, Seeff has continued this process for over 3½ decades. His film and tape archive of more than 400 shoots with musical artists, film directors, authors, television personalities, scientists, visionaries and entrepreneurs provides a unique insight of artists and innovators in the act of creation.

In 1990, Seeff applied the spontaneous and co-creative approach he had developed during his photo sessions to working with actors in television commercials. During the 90’s, he became an acclaimed, award-winning director of hundreds of national commercials for major brands including Apple, Levis, Glaxo, Nissan, Toyota, General Motors and Motorola.

Seeff returned to photography and the documentation of his sessions in 2000 working with the stars of Paramount Television, a documentary exploration of the artist’s journey for Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project and Caltech’s many Nobel Science Laureates.

It was the latter assignment that led to Seeff being invited to work with the NASA space explorers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and to the production of his documentary film Triumph of the Dream.

Triumph of the Dream reveals the human face of the Mars Exploration mission that landed two rovers on Mars in 2004. In the film, Seeff uses the Seven Stage Dynamic of the Creative Process he developed in his photo sessions as the underlying narrative structure. Triumph of the Dream is scheduled for release in 2010 as a theatrical event featuring excerpts from Seeff’s previously unreleased sessions archive and a round table discussion on creativity with leading artists.

Ryan Perez born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada, is a self-taught, multi-disciplined creative professional and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He started his career working on non-profits as a public speaker, youth advocate and graphic designer, which led him to a freelance career as a creative director, livestream producer, SEO specialist, social media manager, songwriter, web developer, and brand consultant.

At the age of 22, Ryan received the Calgary Stampede Western Legacy Award – a prestigious prize given to an outstanding youth who exhibits a commitment to the Western heritage and values that the Southern Alberta region is known for. He has worked with over 70+ brands within his career including working with or alongside celebrities such as Matthew Perry, Jully Black, Gloria Jones, Martha Reeves, Ray William Johnson, and The Legendary Funk Brothers.